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About the Episode

“It doesn’t matter how you vote, just that you do.” WRONG! Taking the time to carefully research your vote is critical. Peter and Emily dig into how to go about finding out who is trying to buy your vote, how to figure out what those propositions are really about, and why it’s so important to vote in our self-interest as fellow humans. On behalf of the whole Megamouth Radio family, we hope you exercise your right to vote in the November 3rd, election.

Hosts & Guests

  • Emily Kurze, United States of Agitation host & producer
  • Peter Kurze, United States of Agitation host

Learn more about our hosts and guests on our Hosts page.

Resources & Links

Below you’ll find links to any books or resources we mention in the episode.


  • Listen: Gaslit Nation with Pam Keith – FL-18 – Pam Keith is an inspiration, if this doesn’t get you fired up to vote or run for office yourself, we don’t know what will.
  • Watch: Senator Whitehouse – Dark Money Influence on Court – This video from the confirmation hearing of Amy Coney Barrett is a master class by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) in deconstructing and exposing some of the mysterious financial interests affecting the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Watch: All In: The Fight for Democracy on Prime – Stacey Abrams and others walk through the storied history of voter suppression and modern day challenges in the United States.
  • Support: – An effort of non-profit World Central Kitchen, Chefs for the Polls is coordinating food “first responders” to help keep people fed in the massively long lines at the polls. Please donate if you can!

In the news:

Voter resources:

  • – Check your voter registration status here for California, check with your Secretary of State website for other state info. Some states purge voter rolls so it is always important to double-check your status before it’s too late.
  • or 1-800-824-8683 – Sign up to receive alerts for when your ballot is sent, received, and counted. This is just for California but ballot tracking is available in dozens of other states.
  • USA Voter Research – The government website has more useful information to help you decide how to cast your vote.
  • – National Association of Secretaries of State will help you find out voter information in your specific state.
  • Ballotpedia – The is one of Peter’s go-to voter resources. You can find details on every race and every ballot measure across the United States.
  • California Fair Political Practices Commission – They show the top 10 groups with the most money in the fight.
  • California Secretary of State Campaign Finance Activity – This will help you drill into all the gritty details of who’s funding each proposition.


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